Dhaka to Jessore Flight

Dhaka to Jessore Flight

Located in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh, Jessore is a nice city in the country.  Although there are no so many tourist attractions, here you’ll find hospitable and friendly people. But people generally come to this city to use it as a stopover en route to or from Khulna, Rajshahi or Benapole. Every day numerous airlines operate lots of flights from Dhaka to Jessore. But Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates the cheapest and comfortable flight on this route. We at Airways Office have gathered every detail from the Internet you need to make a Dhaka to Jessore Flight.  We also assist you to check flights, date change, flight status and to buy the cheapest air tickets. So, contact us for any flight information and buying low-cost air tickets.

Book Dhaka to Jessore Flight on Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is a major airline in Bangladesh and operates many domestic and international flights every day. It provides passenger and cargo services to Asia, Europe and inside Bangladesh. Plan your holiday with Biman Bangladesh Airlines and book lots of flights online perfectly. When you fly with Biman Bangladesh Airlines you can enjoy the best facilities. This airline offers 2 domestic and 18 international flights daily at affordable prices. Therefore, grasp special discount on buying air tickets at Airways Office after completing your booking Dhaka to Jessore Flight on Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Dhaka to Jessore Flight
Dhaka to Jessore Flight

How many flights on Dhaka to Jessore Route every day?

On Dhaka to Jessore Route, you’ll find many flights operated by lots of airlines to book and fly. But you should choose one that suits your budget and duration and you can rely on. Everyday 9+ flights fly from Dhaka to Jessore but Binman Bangladesh Airlines Flights guarantee fast, safe and comfortable air journey.

How much will it cost for a Dhaka to Jessore Flight?

We’ve searched a lot on the Internet for the cheapest prices for Biman Bangladesh Airlines Flights and found that the average air fare will be from US$ 217 to US$ 250. This fare cost may vary on date and flights. Fly on Biman Bangladesh Airlines and save money on booking Dhaka to Jessore Flights. Actually stories are worth-telling if you fly with Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

How long is the Flight from Dhaka to Jessore?

A non-stop Biman Bangldesh Flight takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Jessore from Dhaka. But it may vary depending on wind speed and airlines flights.

How far is Jessore from Dhaka by air?

The distance between Dhaka and Jessore is 142 Kilometers (88 miles). If you travel with a airplane that has average speed of 560 mile per hour, then it’ll take 0.16 hour to reach.


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