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Dhaka to Kathmandu Flight

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Dhaka to Kathmandu Flight


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Are you looking for cheap Biman Bangladesh Airline flights from Dhaka to Kathmandu for your next holiday? We at Airways Office have made a list of the cheapest flight routes on lucrative offer by Biman Bangladesh Airline, so you can easily and conveniently find the best deal for your flight. Here, you can also find flight reviews by Airways Office customers who have traveled on Biman Bangladesh Airline flights from Dhaka to Kathmandu previously. Therefore, all you have to do is to choose the great deals on offer and book your flight online through a few short clicks.

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Cheapest flights Dhaka – Kathmandu

Biman Bangladesh Airline                 DAC – KTM                from US$197

Jet Airways                                        DAC – KTM                from US$245

Malindoair                                        DAC – KTM                from US$746

How much will it cost for a Flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu?

Are you planning to make a flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu? And looking for the cheap air ticket for your flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu? Well. We’re in the right place. We’re committed to assisting you at our best. We’ve gathered latest flight price info from online for planning a visit from Dhaka to Kathmandu and found average trip flights for this trek that will cost $ 225. The normal fare in Bangladeshi taka is from 13, 235 to 15, 000 BTK.










How long is the flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu?

The standard Dhaka to Kathmandu length is 1 hour and 45 minutes

How far is Kathmandu from Dhaka?

The distance between Dhaka and Kathmandu is 933.4 Kilometers (579.98 Miles)

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