Dhaka to Philippines Flight

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Dhaka to Philippines Flight

Manila, Philippines is one of the Southeast Asian’s best capital cities for amazing sightseeing and bustling nightlife. But this city is also world famous for world class museums, art galleries, unusual cemeteries, mesmerizing food, heritage hotels & budget boutique, and Spanish heritage in intramuros.  Besides, Manila is a base for making a number of day and overnight trips in the nearby reasons. For this reason, many travelers all over the world flock to this city for experiencing an unforgettable holiday or visit. Many airlines operate more than one flight from Dhaka to Manila, Philippines every day. So, you can choose your preferred one for a nice and comfortable Dhaka to Manila journey.

Book Dhaka to Philippines Flight with China Southern

China Southern Airlines offers the best international flights options along with cost-effective vacation packages and travel promotion.  So, in order to fly from Dhaka to Manila, Philippines with great comfort and happiness, you should book China Southern Airlines Dhaka to Manila, Philippines Flights. China Southern Airlines also provides the cost-effective flights for international passengers ensuring the highest level of air services. Therefore, you book Dhaka to Manila, Philippines Flights with China Southern Airlines without any hesitations. The nearest airport to Dhaka is Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) and the closest airport to Manila, Philippines is Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL).

China Southern Airlines
China Southern Airlines

How much will it cost for a Dhaka to Manila, Philippines Flight?

We’ve searched a lot to get cheap price for Dhaka to Manila Flights. And we’ve found that China Southern, Bangkok Airways and Malaysia Airways offer the cheapest fare prices for Dhaka to Manila, Philippines flights. Cheap flights from Dhaka to Manila will inspire you to plan the adventure you deserve. The world is wide and the possibilities are endless.  China Southern is the pathway to living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Exclusive offerings on DAC to MNL flights open the doors for you to explore. We’ve discovered that the average flight price for this flight will be US$ 451. So stop waiting and start your flight at the lowest prices!

Cheap Flights on Dhaka to Philippines Route

We’ve collected flight fare prices from various airlines websites and found that China Southern offers the best deals on Dhaka to Manila, Philippines flights. So, you can book your flight from Dhaka to Manila, Philippines with China Southern Airlines for a discounted flight price.

        Airline        Departure(DAC)      Arrival(MNL)         Duration            Date             Price              Stops

China Southern      00:50                  11:00                  08h 10m           11 Dec,18        US$ 451       1 stop

Bangkok Airways   13:40                    23:15                 07h 35m           11 Dec,18        US$ 604       1 stop

Malaysia Airways    22:55                  12:20                  11h 25m            11 Dec,18       US$ 557        1 stop

China Southern      00:50                  22:30                   9h 40m             11 Dec,18       US$ 518        1 stop

Bangkok Airways    02:00                  23:15                  19h 15m            11 Dec,18       US$ 587        1 stop

How many flights on Dhaka to Manila, Philippines every day?

After long searching, we found that there are more than 1 flight on Dhaka to Manila, Philippines every day. So, you’ll find more flight options to choose from for planning a flight from Dhaka to Manila. You can select your preferred one for an unforgettable holiday experience.

How long is the flight from Dhaka to Manila, Philippines?

The standard flight time from Manila, Philippines to Dhaka, Bangladesh is 5 hours and 3 minutes. The closest airport to Dhaka is Shahjalal Intl Airport (DAC) and the closest airport to Manila is Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport (MNL).  But for stopoves it may take minimum 7 hours and 55 minutes.


How far is Manila, Philippines from Dhaka, Bangladesh?

The distance between Dhaka and Manila is approximately 3,359 Kilometers (2,088 Miles). But the flight distance may vary according to flight stopovers and wind speed.



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