Dhaka to Sylhet Flight Schedule

Sylhet is home to the tea granary of Bangladesh. This city prides of having over 150 tea gardens that are largest tea gardens in the world in respect of dimension and production. The city is also narrated as a “City of Saints”, with the mausoleum of the great saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R), who brought Islam to Bengal during the 14th century. Also Sylhet has a history of conquests and heritage from different types of cultures. Historians think that Sylhet was a stretched commercial center from the very old period. Here you’ll also find the holy Shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Hazrat Shah Paran, Haripur Gas Field, and Madhabkunda.  Other monuments may include Srimangal, Temple of Sri Chaitannya Dev, Shahi Eidgah, and Gour Gobinda Fort. Therefore, Sylhet is one of the best tourist destinations in Bangladesh. You can travel to this tourist spot by flying any Dhaka to Sylhet Flights.

Fly on US-Bangla Airlines Flights to travel to Sylhet

US-Bangla Airlines is one of the principal premium airlines of Bangladesh, with perfect standards of service. This airline guarantees you the best flight security with unparalleled reliability and ultimate flying comfort. So, this company has reached a milestone for the best on-time performance. Also it provides best domestic flights and you can rely on Dhaka to Sylhet Flights. Therefore, book Dhaka to Sylhet Flight with US-Bangla and enjoy an unforgettable air experience.

How many flights on Dhaka to Sylhet Route daily?

We’ve searched online for the flights from Dhaka to Sylhet and found that there are more 5 flights every day on Dhaka to Sylhet Route. So, you can choose your preferred flight from the list and enjoy wonderful journey. The nearest airport from Dhaka is Shahjalal Intl Airport(DAC) and the closest airport from Sylhet is Osmani Intl Airport (ZYL/VGSY).

What’s the cost for Dhaka to Sylhet Flight?

We’ve gathered data from the internet for the cheap prices for Dhaka to Sylhet Flight. We discovered that the average flight price for Dhaka to Sylhet flight may be US$167. The price cost in Bangladeshi  Taka will be in BDT 14,011. But the flight may change depending on flight date and flight availability. So fly on US-Bangla Airlines flights and enjoy a bulk discount on Dhaka to Sylhet flight booking.


Cheapest Flights on Dhaka to Sylhet Route?


 Airline                    Departure(DAC)      Arrival(ZYL/VGSY)    Duration           Date         Price         Flight

US-Bangla Airlines            18:55                           19:40              45m            08 Dec     US$ 65       non-stop

Biman Bangladesh            18:00                           18:40               40 m          08 Dec    US$112       non-stop

Biman Bangladesh            15:45                           16:25                40m          08 Dec    US$ 112      non-stop

Biman Bangladesh           12:45                           13:35                 50m          08 Dec   US$ 112       non-stop


What is the length of Dhaka to Sylhet Flight?

In case you are really flying from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Sylhet, Bangladesh or just eager to know the flight time between Dhaka to Sylhet, this page will give you the information you are searching. Non-stop flight duration from Dhaka to Sylhet is 40 minutes and it may vary from flight to flight.

What is the distance between Dhaka and Sylhet?

The flying distance between Dhaka to Sylhet is approximately 201 Kilometers (123 Miles). But you want to go there by car, then the driving distance between Dhaka and Sylhet is 238.56 Km. So, it’s better to go there by air.

From where to buy cheap air tickets?

We’ve searched online for the cheapest air tickets and found that ticket prices fluctuate very frequently. And so booking a flight is very overwhelming. Therefore, you should visit various Travel Agent websites to book cheap flights and get cheap airline tickets to every destination in the world. If you buy cheap tickets, then you can save you time and money to buy next air tickets. To find cheap flights and save money on buying airline tickets, you can contact a leading Travel Agent here.



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