Dhaka to Tokyo Flight

Planning for a break in Tokyo for business purposes, to visit family or for some amazing holidays? Then you’ve approached to the right place! Airways Office offers great deals on flights and cheap tickets from Dhaka to Tokyo Flights. Simply enter your choices in our search engine and let us do the rest. All you’ll need to do is select the best deal and job done! Otherwise, if you are seeking a spot of inspiration on your travel dates, then take a glance at when the cheapest days to fly to Tokyo are. In conclusion, to make confirm that you have everything ready for your holidays, book a hotel and rental car with your flight. Hope your journey begins here with Airways Office!

Book Dhaka to Tokyo Flight with China Eastern Airlines

For the cheapest and fast flights from Dhaka to Tokay Route, we’ve searched a lot and discovered that China Eastern is the best for good deals on booking flights and comfortable air journey. China Eastern Airlines offers you the best opportunity to fly from Dhaka to Tokyo. Therefore, book Dhaka to Tokyo Flight with China Eastern Airlines and have an unforgettable air journey! The closest airport to Dhaka is Shahjalal Intl Airport and the closest airport to Tokyo is Narita Intl Airport. Hope a happy and cheer air journey with China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines

How much will it be for a flight from Dhaka to Tokyo?

To get Dhaka to Tokyo Flight price, we’ve sought on the internet and discovered some cheap flight prices. We found that some airlines provide the cheapest flights from Dhaka to Tokyo, Japan. China Eastern and Thai Lion Air frequently offer the excellent deals to Tokyo flights from Dhaka. Therefore, select your preferred flight to enjoy the cheapest flight prices. The average price for Dhaka to Tokyo may be from US$940 to US$ 1100.

Cheapest Flights from Dhaka to Tokyo

We’ve sought so much for cheapest flights from Dhaka to Tokyo visiting various airlines websites. And we’ve discovered the lowest prices for the flights from Dhaka to Tokyo. Also we found that the lowest from Dhaka to Tokyo starts from US$940. Choose your flights comparing airlines, airports in the area, and even find cheapest hotels. So, we hope a happy Dhaka to Tokyo air journey.

Airline                       Departure(DAC)    Return(NRT)       Duration         Date           Price          Stops

China Eastern            14:35                        12:00              18h 25m       15 Dec        US$940       2 stops

China Southern         00:50                        13:50              10h 00m        15 Dec       US$1,109     1 stop

Emirates                   18:40                         17:20               19 h 40         15 Dec        US$1,188     1 stop

Who sells cheap air tickets for Dhaka to Tokyo Flights?

To buy cheapest air ticket, the convenient and best way is to search online and visit various travel agent websites. Looking for the cost effective air tickets for Dhaka to Tokyo flights from Dhaka? OK. We’re offering the best deals on buying the cheapest air tickets for any flights and for any airlines.  We’re a trusted travel agent in Dhaka, Bangladesh serving more than 10 years. So, please feel free to contact us for any flight information.

How many flights on Dhaka to Tokyo Route every day?

We’ve researched in the internet and discovered that there is more than 1 flight on Dhaka to Tokyo Route everyday. So, you’ll find flight options to choose from that suit your budget and date.

How long is the flight from Dhaka to Tokyo?

The standard length for the Dhaka to Tokyo flight is 9 Hours and 5 Minutes. It may differ for wind speed and flight stops over.


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