Flight Schedules and Price Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar  

All the airlines in Bangladesh operate flights at Dac-Cox’s Bazar route.  Let’s have a look at the ticket price of this route:


Flight Schedules with price Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar  

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Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Mobile: 0197 8569 291,95 

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price

Super Saver: BDT 4000
Economy Saver: BDT 5500
Economy Flexible: BDT 7500
Business Saver: BDT 10000
Business Flexible: BDT 11000

US Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price

Regular Economy: BDT 3999
Limited Offer: BDT 4200
Discounted Economy: BDT 5700
Business Class: BDT 10500

Novo Air Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price

Special Promo: BDT 4200
Promo: BDT 5600
Special: BDT 6000
Discount: BDT 7000
Saver: BDT 8000
Flexible: BDT 9000

Regent Airways Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price

Special: BDT 3999
Special Promo: BDT 4200
Super Saver: BDT 4500
Economy Promo: BDT 4700
Economy Special: BDT 5200
Economy Saver: BDT 5800
Economy Restricted: BDT 6600
Economy Freedom: BDT 7200
Economy Flexible: BDT 7750
Economy Super: BDT 8500
Business Flexible: BDT 10300

Above mentioned Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar flight ticket prices are subject to change price without prior notice.

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