Nervous about first-time flight travel to Goa? Follow this advice to calm yourself


Are you one of those people who are afraid of travelling on a flight? Well if yes, then you are not alone. Many people do not like air travel. Some feel claustrophobic inside the aircraft while others may have a fear of heights. Having such fear is natural especially when you are travelling for the first time by aeroplane but once you have braved yourself on your first air travel, you will not face much difficulty on your next trip. Having said that, whether you plan a trip to Goa or any other city, we have some advice that you can follow to ease down your nervousness before boarding the flight. So, if you are all set with the pretty picture of Goa in mind, then book your flight ticket and start packing. Now follow these steps before boarding a flight and just relax.

Arrive at the airport early

Just like you reach the train station early so that you can fix anything that doesn’t work according to the plan, make it a point to reach the airport early as well. Early arrival can get you some extra time so that you do not miss your flight. Security checking and luggage scanning can take a lot of time since many travellers like you might board the plane for the first time. Thus, I would recommend you to reach a minimum of 2 hours early at the airport in case you are taking a domestic flight to Goa. However, if it is your international trip to Goa, I would suggest you reach the airport 3 hours early. The airport authority can also ask for your documents, such as visas, ID proof as well as Covid certificates, so you must get extra time for these things to get checked and verified.

Be careful if you have motion sickness

Motion sickness is a common problem for many people, including me. On my first-time air travel, I was very panicky. To calm my nerves, I ran into a medical store to get some antihistamine medicine and then boarded the plane. I was feeling a bit drowsy but I was not being paranoid. So, if you also have severe motion sickness like me, I would advise you to purchase such medicine to avoid nervousness and anxiety. You can also get those travel motion sickness wristbands and tie them each to your wrists tightly to an acupressure point. These bands will ensure your peace of mind while you are travelling by air.

Pay attention to the safety instructions before take-off

It is a protocol for every passenger who travels by air. Once you find your seat, you are expected to be seated and fasten your seat belt. This is common for every passenger. So, if you are travelling for the first time by air, you must follow the instructions more carefully than others. It is always wiser to be prepared if something is to happen. On my first-time flight experience, I also went through the safety brochures of the plane. Hence, based on my experience, I would also recommend you do that. Plus, you should listen to the flight attendants carefully as they guide you with the safety measures.

Travel with someone, if possible

On your first-time flight, you should take a friend or a family member so that you don’t feel scared throughout the journey. Yes, the idea of 3000 feet away from the ground can be a bit frightening, but the experience will not feel that scary if you travel with a close person. The perks of travelling with a known person are that you can swap seats and sit near the window or aisle and talk to them during the entire journey. I once did a solo trip to Goa by flight and the experience was a bit scary. So, what I did was I told the flight attendants about my anxiety and they took good care of me. You can do the same if you are travelling solo for the first time by flight.

Bring chewing gum

A little head’s up for the first-time travellers by air! When the plane lands, your ears can pop. So, to avoid that you can use chewing gum. This will help you to release pressure from your eyes while you are moving the jaws. If you are not bringing gum, you can also use headphones to block your ears, while the plane is landing. On my first air travel, I was chewing gum and didn’t feel pressure on my ears at all while the plane was making its landing. Thus, I would definitely recommend you make a note of it and carry chewing gum.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through all the nervousness and anxiety that you might experience on your first-time flight to Goa. But in all this nervousness, do not forget to cherish a wonderful time in the town. Travel safely!


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