Tax for LCD or LED Televisions Bangladesh airport

Tax for LCD or LED Televisions Bangladesh airport

Tax for LCD or LED Televisions Bangladesh airportWe had a number of inquiries so far about the number of duties or rate of taxes for different items usually expatriate Bangladeshi citizens bring with them. Details Tax for LCD or LED Televisions

Specially, many passengers wanted to know the duty or tax for LCD or LED Televisions. This page is for those persons looking for information about the duty or tax rates for items or goods brought to Bangladesh.

If you bring following baggage items with you when you enter Bangladesh from abroad, you will have to pay duty.

(a)   Imported goods, other than personal and household items are dutiable.

(b)   Baggage not exceeding 65 kg by any passenger of 12 years and above age can carry and enter into Bangladesh without paying any tax or duty. However, if not exceeding 35 kg in excess can be carried into the country without duty or tax if that extra baggage contains personal clothing, books, periodicals, journals, personal items or items for the purpose of education only.

(c)    Imported items in commercial quantity are dutiable. Items beyond the list described in this article are subject to payment of customs duty and/or taxes.

(d)   Bangladeshi citizens are not allowed to import alcohol/alcoholic beverages. Non-Bangladeshi passport holders can bring up to one liter of Alcohol or alcoholic beverages (like spirit, or beer) duty-free.

(e)   The bellow mentioned items (in the following table) which may be imported as personal & household items are dutiable as per the tax mentioned in brackets.

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List of Duty and Tax-Free Goods at Shahjalal Airport

(1) Television, Plasma, LCD, TFT or similar technology
(a) Up to 29” Duty-free
(b) 30” – 36” Tk. 10,000
(c) 37” – 42” Tk. 20,000
(d) 43” – 46” Tk. 30,000
(e) 47” – 52” Tk. 50,000
(f) 53” -65″ Tk. 70,000
(g) 66″ and above Tk. 90,000
(2) Home theatre
(more than 4 speakers but not higher than 8 speakers Music Center/CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD/Blue Ray disc set)
Tk. 8,000
(3) Refrigerator/Deep Freezer Tk. 5,000
(4) Air Cooler/Air Conditioner
(a)    Window Type Tk. 7,000
(b)    Split Type up to 18000 BTU Tk. 15,000
(c)     Split Type above 18000 BTU Tk. 20,000
(5) Dish Antenna Tk. 7,000
(6) Gold Bar or Bullion
(Maximum of 234 gm or 20 Tola)
Per 11.664gm
Tk. 3000
(7) Silver bar or Bullion
(Maximum of 234 gm or 20 Tola)
Per 11.664gm
Tk. 6
(8) HD Cam, DV Cam, Beta Cam and any Camera used in Professional purpose Tk. 15,000
(9) Air Gun/Air Rifle (Importable with permission of Ministry of Commerce) Tk. 5,000
(10) Candelabrum
(per point)
Tk. 300
(11) Carpet up to 15 square meters
(per square meter)
(12) Dish Washer/Washing
Machine/Cloth Drier
Tk. 3,000

Please note that these rates are applicable for non-commercially brought baggage items. For commercial imports, please visit the Customs Authority Website for detailed rates. If you are bringing something from abroad with you including foreign currencies, this article about customs procedure and how to ensure a hassle-free journey at Shahjalal airport may help you a lot.


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