Hong Kong

Top Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Hong Kong, located in southeastern China, is an autonomous territory and the fourth-most-densely populated area in the world. This city country invites its travelers with magnificent natural beauty, a legendary kitchen, iconic skyline, and colorful traditions. Hong Kong is also reputed for islands escapes, delicious cuisines, best parks, wonderful landmarks, and fantastic shopping malls. Here you can too enjoy kayaking among volcanic sea arches, walking in Song-dynasty village, and hiking on a magnificent island. So, you’ll pass your joyous moments here when you’re traveling to Hong Kong. Please contact: +8801880155577,+8801880155578

Considering your budget and tourist interests, we’ve listed 5 top places in Hong Kong.

1.Wong Tai Sin Temple:

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the best tourist attractions in Hong Kong. This is regarded as a Grade 1 historical building and only the famous shrine that allows a formal wedding ceremony. Many activities happen in the temple and one of them is Kau Cim. Kau Cim is a common activity that involves shaking a bamboo container with many bamboo sticks containing a number at the end. Shaking continues until one bamboo stick fall and then fortune-teller says what is waiting for the person who shook the sticks. Therefore, if you visit this temple, you’ll enjoy such kinds of fun activities. For this reason, you should visit this place for a wonderful holiday there.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

2.Cheung Sha Beach:

Cheung Sha is the best and longest beach in Hong Kong to enjoy white soft sand and crystal clear water. If you would like to escape from the bustling city life of Hong Kong, then you should visit this place for enjoying relaxed moments. Here you’ll find many restaurants and shops. The best thing you’ll enjoy here is a herd of water buffalo comes to wash and cool themselves in the mesmerizing waves of the beach.  If you want to stay overnight here you’ll have to go to nearby Oui O beach where you’ll a wide range of good accommodation facilities. Cheung Sha Beach is only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Hong Kong by a ferry journey. So, you should not avoid visiting this beach for a memorable holiday.

Cheung Sha Beach

3.Victoria Peak:

Victoria Peak is one of the most visited tourist places in Hong Kong. It’s also well-known as Mount Austin and local people call it the Peak. It’s mainly a high hill located on the western half of Hong Kong Island. From this place, you can enjoy viewing Victoria Harbor, Lamma Island, Central, and the magnificent surrounding islands. Here you’ll find numerous restaurants and two big shopping malls to enjoy a happy shopping experience. So, for a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong, you should visit this viewpoint.

Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak

4.Hong Kong Museum of History:

Hong Kong Museum of History is situated next to the Hong Kong Science Museum in Tsim Sha Tsu, Kowloon in Hong Kong. This museum is the best place to know about Hong Kong’s historical and cultural heritage. The collections of the museum include archeology, natural history, local history, and ethnography. Visiting this museum takes you through a fantastic cultural and historical odyssey from the formation of Hong Kong’s natural landscapes. That’s why you should visit this place to know Hong Kong’s culture and have a wonderful holiday.

Hong Kong Museum of History
Hong Kong Museum of History

5.Po Lin Monastery:

Po Lin Monastery, located on Lantau Island, is a big monastery. Three monks founded this monastery in 1906 visiting Jiangsu Province on the Chinese mainland. In this temple, you’ll find three bronze statues of the Buddha that represent his past, present and future lives and numerous Buddhist scripts. Adjacent to this temple, you’ll also disciver a giant Buddha statue named Tian Tan Buddha. This is the best place to buy wooden bracelets. Po Lin monastery is very famous for making wooden bracelets and many prime architectural structures. Therefore, if you’re interested to know architectural structures that symbolize the stability of Hong Kong and peace on earth, then you should head to this place.

Po Lin Monastery
Po Lin Monastery

Final verdict

Now you’ve learned what the prime top places in Hong Kong are and you can make a plan to decide what places you should visit during your holiday in this Asian country. Hope our list of top places will help you to plan an amazing holiday there. +8801880155577,+8801880155578


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