Top Places in North Korea

North Korea

Top Places in North Korea


North Korea
North Korea

Officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea is a wonderful country in East Asia encompassing the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Nowhere on Earth will you find a country like North Korea. A travel to this country will provide you with the indication of the world’s most secluded nation, where you’ll hardly find internet and 21st century information technology facilities. Besides, this country is very conservative when it comes to permitting foreigners to travel to this country. Here the government applies strict rules and regulations on foreigners’ visiting to this country. Despite this fact, many people wish to visit to this country since the county has many magnificent mountains, famous museums, noted monuments, high towers and other fantastic monuments. Our list of 5 top places in North Korea will help you to know about the country’s mysteries in Asia. Please contact us: +8801880155577,+8801880155578


Located on the Taedong River, Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea. Also, it’s the largest in the country and houses most of the landmarks in the country. This city is very famous for towering skyscrapers, relaxing green parks, and wide illuminated boulevards. Here you’ll also find recreational centers, famous museums, historical monuments, departmental shopping malls, fun restaurants and beer bars. Some these may include Monument to Party Founding, Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Mansudae Grand Monument, and Tower of the Juche Idea, Munsu Water Park, Ryugyong Hotel, and Pyongyang SCI Tech Complex. So, in order to know North Korea from the near, you should travel to this city.



Kaesong, located in North Hwanghae Province in the southern part of North Korea, is a historical city in the country. It was the merely main city that changed hands between South Korea and North Korea as a result of the Korean War. Today this city is renowned for its palaces, defensive walls & gates, institutions and tomb complex. These landmarks embody the political, cultural, philosophical and spiritual values of a remarkable age in the region’s history. Here you will find the most impressive 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites but the statues of Kim II-sung and Kim Jong-il on a large hill dominate most. This city also houses the country’s most atmospheric hotel and bars to enjoy an exciting nightlife. Therefore, your visit to this Asian country will be enjoyable and memorable if you head to this place.



Known as the massively industrial second city in North Korea, Hamhung is a wonderful place to have an amazing look at a real North Korea. It’s also the second largest and capital city of South Hamgyong Province in the country. This city opened as a tourist place to tour groups since 2012. This city is well-known for theater buildings, high mountains, famous temples, and magnificent Majon Beach. Here you can also enjoy enjoyable shopping, fun food and exciting nightlife. So, while in North Korea, you should not miss visiting this place.



Located in Kangwon Province, Wonsan is a port city and naval base in North Korea. This city encompasses high mountains and its center is replete with numerous high-rise buildings. Wonsan is also famous for learning centers (10 Universities), comfortable holiday resorts and fantastic sandy beaches at adjacent to Lake Sijung and Lake Tongjong. This city also boasts of fresh seafood, clear waters and enjoyable shopping. Therefore, if you want to enjoy natural and manmade beauty in the country, then you should head to this place.



Chongjin, the big industrial center and port in North Korea, is the capital of North Hamgyong Province in the country. Sometimes called as the city of Iron, it’s also the third largest city in North Korea. This city is very famous for a number of tourist attractions, such as Chongjin Revolutionary Museum, North Hamgyong Province Theatre, Inmin Daehakseup Daehakseup, and Pohanng Square with 25-foot bronze statues of great leaders. Chongjin is the merely city other than Pyongyang that operates a tram system. Here you’ll also find cheap restaurants and hotels to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes and comfortable staying. That’s why; this is one of the best tourist places in North Korea to have an extraordinary holiday.


Final Words

In fine, we can say that these 5 top places in North Korea are very popular with the foreigners and locals alike. So, plan your holiday in this Asian country choosing the ones you’re interested in and adjust your budget. Please contact us: +8801880155577,+8801880155578