Top places in Singapore


      Top places in Singapore


Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. This country is best known for its attractive places that are extremely popular with tourists from all over the world.  Fast transport system, green jungles, awesome food facilities and enjoyable shopping have made this country one of the Asian hit-list tourist destinations. To make your visit to Singapore easy and cozy, we’ve listed the top places in Singapore that will give you the excellent opportunity to know the country. (+880)1880155577 / 1880155578

5 top places in Singapore you should plan to visit

1. Singapore Zoo:

Singapore Zoo, commonly known as the Mandi Zoo, is one of the best tourist places in Singapore. It consists of 11 zones, each giving you new experience from the different wildlife habitats around the globe. Here you’ll find over 300 species birds, mammals and reptiles. For enjoying fun activities, this zoo also houses Rainforest Kidzworld where kids can enjoy pony riding, wild animal carousel, animal friends show, houbii rope course, and so on.  Visitors from all over the world have had wildlife experiences from this zoo for over 40 years.  Therefore, if you’re planning to travel Singapore you should this wonderful park.

Singapore Zoo

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens:

Established in 1860, Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. UNESCO has declared this spot as a World Heritage Site for its natural beauty and tourist value. This site is ideal home to primeval rainforest and orchid garden. If you’re a nature lover, then this is the perfect place spot in this country. Here you can enjoy listening to birds’ chirping, watching squirrels jumping from tree to tree and breathing fresh air in the woods. So, it’s a good idea to visit this site early in the morning to have a better visiting experience.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

3.National Gallery Singapore:

National Gallery Singapore, situated in the Downtown Core of Singapore, is the best place for arts lover. Opened in 2015, it has the largest collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, placing over 8,000 artworks. Housed in two elegant spaces, the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery and the DBS Singapore gallery, this gallery shows the region’s art histories and the cultural legacy. So you should visit this site while in Singapore to know the arts and culture of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

National Gallery Singapore

4. Southern Ridges:

The Southern Ridges is indeed a trek connecting parks and hills to the Labrador Nature Reserve and Mt Faber. The whole route covers about 10 Km (6.2 miles) including its greenery and the connecting bridges.  If you’re fond of trekking and enjoying the pure beauty of nature, then this is the perfect place for you. That’s why, we recommend visiting this place to know the nature from the very near.

Southern Ridges

5.Baba House:

Built in the 1890s, Baba House is one of the famous landmarks and heritage homes in Singapore. This house is also a station of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Museum and the NUS Centre for the Arts manages it. It is an elegantly designed three-storey building, exhibiting Peranakan architecture, heritage and history. Therefore, if you’re in Singapore, visiting this house may be a nice opportunity to know the Peranakan culture and heritage.

Baba House

Final verdict

Finally we can say that Singapore is a small city-state but it is home to lots of tourist spots you should consider planning.  But to make your tour successful and enjoyable, you should choose the top places in Singapore that will help you have an unforgettable holiday. (+880)1880155577 / 1880155578