South Korea

       Top Places in South Korea

South Korea
South Korea

South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, is an East Asian Country on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. This country is extremely popular for 5000 years of culture, history, outstanding landscapes and local people’s hospitality. The ruins and restored places bear the testimony of various rulers’ domination over the country throughout the ages. Besides, the nation is very rich with cultural events, celebratory festivals and delicious foods. Considering your budget and tourist value, we’ve listed 5 top places in South Korea. So you should not miss them when you’re in South Korea. (+880)1880155577 / 1880155578


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a big city where you can find high-tech subways, modern skyscrapers, and famous Buddhist temples.  This city is also famous for street markets, places, mountain trails and renowned parks. To enjoy drinking at convivial bars and cool cafes and shopping in stylish shops may be a great experience while visiting Seoul. Therefore, Seol can provide you with whatever you need at any time of day and night. In the morning you can visit temples, in the afternoon you can enjoy shopping and at night bars and clubs are the best for you. So, here you’ll find the great opportunity for having a memorable holiday you always expect.



Jeju-do, the largest island of South Korea, is very renowned for its volcanic landscapes, cave-like lava tubes and beach resorts. It is also considered as the most popular domestic holiday destination for possessing abundant countryside, magnificent beaches and peaceful seaside hotels ideally suited for relaxation and rest. As in Thailand’s Phuket, Indonsia’s Bali and Singapore’ Sentosa,  here you’ll also find the best tourist attractions to enjoy. They may include Cheonjeyeon waterfall, Teddy Bear Museum, Mount Hallasan, Manjanggul Cave, Jungmun Beach, Jeju Waterworld, and Jusangjeolli Cliff. So you should visit this world famous tourist destination if you would like to make your holiday fun and enjoyable in South Korea.



Busan, formally known as Pusan, is the second largest city in South Korea. It is home to fantastic beaches, wonderful mountains, hot waterfall and delicious seafood. Casual tent bars, wonderfully designed cafes, fish markets, historical temples and abundant shopping opportunities have made this city one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Busan has something to offer for all tastes. Here you can enjoy visiting Haeundae Beach, Busan Tower, Gamcheon Culture Village, Haedong Yonggung Temple, Jagalchi Fish Market, Radium Art Center, Busan Modern History Museum, and Kim Jae Sun Gallery. That’s why, while in South Korea you must travel this city for an extraordinary holiday.


4. Gyeonsangbuk-do:

Geyeonsangbuk, situated in the southeastern region of the Korean peninsula, is very reputed for both natural beauty and heritage sites. Heritage sites may include ancient pagodas, wonderful temples, awe-inspiring tombs, and rock-carved Buddhas. While when it comes to natural beauty, here you’ll find gorgeous mountains and outstanding landscapes to know nature from the very near. This area is also well-known as the ‘the museum without walls’ for its fantastic historical treasures. In the center of the city, you’ll also explore the rounded tumuli (burial mounds) hillocks that remind of the dead who still deserve honor and admiration from the locals. So, if you’re a lover of nature and thirsty to know the culture of others, then you should not avoid visiting this place.


5. Gangwon-do:

Gangwon-do, a famous providence of South Korea, gives you the best opportunity for visiting superbly outstanding natural parks and magnificent landscape areas. Here you’ll find the world renowned Seoraksan National Park and Odaesan Natonal Park. These park are very popular with the travelers and locals alike. Seoraksan Park is one of the main tourist attractions in Gangwon. It’s also a great place for having water fountains, hiking courses, cultural artifacts and valleys. Whereas Odaesan Park houses the biggest natural forest of Korea and it is home to numerous wild plants and animals. Therefore, Gangwon-do is the best place for enjoying the sublime beauty of nature and wild animals.


Final Verdict

Now you have a good idea about the 5 top places in South Korea to travel during your holiday there. If you would like to make your holiday unforgettable in South Korea, then you should pick the best places. Hope our list will help you so much for a happy holiday in Asia. (+880)1880155577 / 1880155578


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