Top Places in Vietnam

Vietnam, officially known as the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, is a Southeast Asian country on the Indochina Peninsula. This country is well-known for cultural complexities, natural beauty, hill-tribe villages, and dynamic megacities. In this most visited county, you’ll also find lots of magnificent beaches, wonderful riversides, numerous Buddhist pagodas, amazing landscapes, and ancient traditions. So, if you’re planning to visit Asian countries, you should travel to Vietnam for a wonderful holiday. Here is an overview of the amazing top places in Vietnam. +8801880155577,+8801880155578


1.Ho Chi Minh City:

Ho Chi Minh City, popularly known as Saigon, is a dynamic, noisy and hot city in southern Vietnam that rarely sleeps. Cultural traditions and historical complexities have also made this city very famous to locals and tourists alike. Here you’ll find all types of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, stalls, and boutiques to have an amazing holiday. This city also houses numerous spas, theatre houses, classic French structures, skyscrapers, elegant temples as well as wonderful pagodas. Here you can enjoy the bustling nightlife at the rooftop bar, eating Chinese, French and local Vietnamese food at amazing restaurants and shopping at megamalls. So you should make a choice to discover this South Vietnamese gem for an unforgettable holiday.

Ho Chi Minh City


Hanoi, the second largest city in Vietnam by population, is the capital of the country. This city is renowned for its centuries-old buildings, a combined culture of Chinese, Asian and French influences, historical museums, as well as ancient pagodas. This French-colonial city is a great place that you can explore on foot and enjoy bustling nightlife at night, delicious cuisines at any time and purchasing awesome goods like handicrafts and silks from amazing shops. Its countryside is also very popular with the travelers who love visiting mountains, lush parks, and traditional villages. Therefore, you should visit this capital city for fulfilling an amazing holiday.


3.Hoi An:

Hoi An is the most atmospheric and lovely town in Vietnam and a good instance of a Southeast Asian trading port dating from the 15th and 17th This city boasts of Chinese temples, Japanese merchant houses, tea warehouses, and wooden shop-houses. For its tourist value, UNESCO declared this place as a World Heritage Site in 1999 and now it’s one of the most visited places in Vietnam. Here you’ll find comfortable boutique hotels, vibrant lounge bars, famous travel agents and lots of tailor shops. But Hoi An has no airport, no train station, so you’ll travel by road. However, if you want to experience the cultural variety and happy living, then you should visit this place.

Hoi An

4.Da Nang:

Da Nang, located on the on the coast of the South China Sea, is the fifth largest city in Vietnam in regard to economy and urbanization. It’s also the favorite base to visit the Truong Son Mountains west of this city. The main tourist attractions may include French colonial buildings, centuries-old pagodas, wonderful mountains, magnificent beaches, and fantastic national parks. If you want to enjoy sunbath, then Nun Noc Beach and My Khe Beach should be your first choice here. Besides, visiting beaches you can pass time in visiting numerous unique museums. So, if you’re a beach lover, you must visit this place for having exciting activities.

Da Nang
Da Nang

5.Can Tho:

Can Tho, located in the Mekong Delta region, is the fourth largest city in Vietnam. This city is mainly renowned for floating markets, wonderful rural canals and rice paper making villages. Being the economic, political, cultural and transportation center of the Mekong Delta, it’s a vibrant city with outstanding waterfront with mesmerizing gardens. Here you can enjoy visiting famous temples, pagodas, museums, and recently opened shopping malls for having a memorable shopping experience.

Can Tho

Final Verdict:

Now you’ve learned the top places in Vietnam and you should choose the ones that suit your budget and interest. Before planning a fun holiday in Vietnam, you must select places you’re interested in. If you’re planning to travel to Vietnam and need necessary info, then you can contact us for the best deal on buying tickets and flight information.  +8801880155577,+8801880155578


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