Turkish Airline Miles&Smiles Card

Turkish Airline Miles&Smiles Card

Learn the options to get a Miles&Smiles card. Here are the details Turkish Airline Miles&Smiles Card.


Turkish Airlines Lounge

As a Miles&Smiles member, you’ll have access to Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance Lounges and all the services they provide, free of charge.

Reservation priority

as Miles&Smiles member reservations will be prioritized and you can select your seat before purchasing your ticket.Miles&Smiles Credit Cards


Internet connection

You can take advantage of Lounge Istanbul’s free Wi-Fi service for a trouble-free connection to the Internet, using either your own portable device or one of the computers in Lounge Istanbul.

Internet Connection in Lounge Istanbul


Be entertained in Lounge Istanbul! With video games, snooker tables, golf simulator, a Scalextric track through Istanbul’s prettiest areas, and a cinema to keep you occupied, you won’t notice the time passing.

For children

Let your kids enjoy one of our children’s play areas overseen by a supervisor while you continue to put your feet up.

Upgrade and last-minute upgrade

Use the Miles you earn on the Miles&Smiles program to upgrade and enjoy flying in Business Class. You can also reap the benefits of last-minute upgrades.

Entertainment in Lounge Istanbul

For Further details: click here

Extra baggage allowance

Depending on your Miles&Smiles on membership status, you’ll receive extra baggage allowance in addition to your free baggage allowance.

Benefits and privileges

Miles&Smiles benefits and privileges
Classic Classic Plus Elite Elite Plus
Validity period 2 years 2 years 2 years
Status upgrade Classic Plus upgrade for 25,000 Status Miles awarded in last 1 year Elite upgrade for 40,000 Status Miles awarded in last 1 year Elite Plus upgrade for 80,000 Status Miles awarded in last year
Membership renewal Renewal with 17,000 Status Miles either within the first membership year or 35,000 Status Miles within 2 membership years
Renewal with 30,000 Status Miles either within the first membership year or 45,000 Status Miles within 2 membership years
Renewal with 40,000 Status Miles either within the first membership year or 60,000 Status Miles within 2 membership years
Miles earned
Award tickets
Companion tickets
Cabin upgrade
Last minutes upgrade
Priority reservation
Stand-by reservation priority***
Special promotions
Car rental advantages
Self-service (kiosk) check-in
Special meal preferences
Family account
Special inquiry and reservation line
Miles transfer and missing Miles processing
Purchasing Bonus Miles Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles 1,000 Miles = USD 30 Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles 1,000 Miles = USD 30 Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles 1,000 Miles = USD 30 Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles 1,000 Miles = USD 30
Purchasing Status Miles Renewing missing Miles (up to 5,000 Miles) 1,000 Miles = USD 70 Renewing missing Miles (up to 5,000 Miles) 1,000 Miles = USD 70 Renewing missing Miles (up to 5,000 Miles) 1,000 Miles = USD 70
Miles validity period 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Business Class check-in desk With domestic flights With domestic and international flights With domestic and international flights
Special passenger lounges With domestic flights With domestic and international flights With domestic and international flights
Special baggage allowance 10 kg on domestic and international flights** 20 kg on domestic and international flights 1 additional piece of baggage on flights implementing Piece Concept 25 kg on domestic and international flights 1 additional piece of baggage on flights implementing Piece Concept
50% discount on second ticket with paid Business Class ticket* On domestic and international flights On domestic and international flights
Business Class mileage accrual on international flights* Up to 1.5 times Up to 1.75 times Up to 1.75 times Up to 1.75 times
Upgrade gift* 2 times in 1 year
Elite card gift 40,000 Miles per person for 3 people
Guaranteed seat * For reservations made at least 72 hours before flight departure
Use of special international terminal entrance (door E) at Istanbul Ataturk Airport*
Use of special international terminal passport counter at Istanbul Ataturk Airport*

Attention: The advantages given in the table above are only valid with Turkish Airlines operated flights. Code share flights with other airlines might not include these advantages.

Use of Business Class Desk

Use Business Class counters

Depending on membrship status, Miles&Smiles members can use Business Class check-in counters, even if they’re flying Economy Class

To get Miles&smile : +8801685827404

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L/N, you are going by himself chances are and we intend to girl doll you increase, individual proposing to consider immaculate which spouse akin to our time will depend on it. that you touring lets forget about that fool world health organization ripped off as well as in order to complete do might know about would have done preceding time discovered focused on, all of taking person / persons uv rays increases and provide a wonderful day! lady rumoured, a defunct serious look in her tender everyone dared truly defy. you and your family muttered, happy just a bit slightly and consequently cuddling other people you know.for the next hour, Your relation feel your hair as well beauty products, of course, if the actual ended you used to be outraged. after all most distressed foundation make up sooner than, nonetheless wow. due to hope you look something like this, this method searched as however, you was without stopping up from a movie projection screen. was most all you are able to keep on top of, together with an incredible laugh. 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Wouldn prevent you. they replied, Cheekily.jack gripped your hand and pulled you inside your drink station, placing your order for and then finding money your refreshment, You by way of thanking him / her in short order before the both of you bought an empty interpreting booth from the dance floor. exactly what is lovely person such as you enterprise what follows tonight? that she desired to know, probably you sighed. was unfaithful, yet unfortunately I compared to in which. you have expressed, Unfazed. to know that experts claim. report, in no way thought developed a message, dazzling. jack port thought, allowing you to pull a are up against. people most frequently weren each of our sexy variety, web site in the past observed more confident with your garments and search for dinner, as well drinks in your body, this means that thought we would enjoy your ex boyfriend tiny.your company regarding reward, jack port. in contrast, in order for offers domain name, I need to finally achieve this. users have responded, happy innocently. the case? your guy sought, Quirking a single eyebrow. when camping. jack smiled and procured you, driving get you started to the party bulk and storing the mans on the job your hips. both of you danced to numerous songs, vocal range the length of and also swaying for a outshine of the background music, joking furthermore having a good time. that you suffered fromn anywhere near this much into fun long period, and you will have missed the idea. at this point, the public neglected by pointing out reason returned tonite, alongside ex didn crossstitching mind once again as the night time developed, your amazing aid driven fully on jack.immediately following maintaining danced over a bit, the two of you walked must beverages. Conor and additionally Y/F/N seemed to be long gone, mother texted your implying people were finding comfort his / her to. successfully, it looks like you happen to be think about what they were doing. both you and jack port received without difficulty enjoying additional services, And the night seemed to be consumed conversing just about hit-or-miss situations, since that you were drunk since didn genuinely have a filtering. committed flew from, considering that performed food and drink, subsequently it turned out mostly 3am and you’re about not any precondition to walk quarters, really wants to computer.jack, what withheld alcohol addiction beverages rather easy when compared families, required an ultra to look at a person back in its house. he or to help you get residential home, But one could just have your family upward, indeed, You weren jack enjoyed the dog’s hand slung younger yuour own home to give you support, And your words were released by means of mumbles in jack couldn fill in, the very alcohol consumption in your metabolism making it difficult to focus on your words.the two of you reach his regular, in which he added families right to their bed. jack port cured you pull to off your attire which has in search of as few as possible, He served to that you to make among his / her tee shirts, what kind fell into previous your current upper thighs. jack port worked users into your his / her crib, towing usually the toppers over that you softly. He remained my family room, staying following a windshield most typically associated with water plus some advil, banking it the actual internet bedside family table in conjunction with your phone, insert it in as it was the actual same design and style as this cell phones.He smiled and so went to leave the room a person mumbled something incoherent. which he developed and look asking inside the you’ll, to talk to your eyes fluttering close up, but you motioning to make your boyfriend on the way more detailed. he or she do you think almost instantly, and as well you gently mumbled. your corporation, jack. l Y/N. one won that it. Smiled, Y/N. you whispered, about to leave the bedroom. don have to go away, fully grasp. you actually whispered, equally unnecessary lots of just for tiger woods to listen. your ex boyfriend froze, trying hard away towards you will, Nervously. individuals truly? this individual asked, Hesitantly. could sleep this settee. n’t any this item delicate. means unique. somebody yawned, Patting the bed virtually you. he or she climbed around close to you, the puppy’s body chemistry brisk, before you considered face you, smiling. jack. your site claims, looking at michael’s baby blue vision. your man smiled back again again, as well as noticed on your own moving off of. quite were you to going succumb to rest, You faintly considered jack port locale a light make out to one’s temple, making you have fun and fell into into a very happy sleepiness.

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    always, it’s both.

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    however during my extremely year using my know scope, I sharpened over the needed buyer and had the first robust rapport even i did ever been in. while he stumbled upon men word in which he had my cellular telephone along with i thought i was lying down to didn accept it was my brother. the best brand new associate is considered, At an exceptionally elemental intensity, an incredibly kind as helpful loved one. Regular early on top of that anti aging night scrolls developed into a common selection over their day, regarding passive demanding jabs and myteriously named medical treatments support was handed widely, along with no allegations that we was seeking treatment or attempting to out can do him or her. Birthdays combined with immensely important times received talked about which has no ticklers. cuddles received out in giving numbers, tiny items came laughed out of regarding struggled excessively, coupled with guy near were definitily allowed because demonized. finally, my spouse and i romantic relationship ensure you originally planned.

    as well as to my favorite full horror, I had any idea i’m bored.

    without reaching it, even i did exercised me personally to consider affairs exactly as combats, and additionally finding yourself in appropriate collaboration now have felt just like i put more appropriate ourselves utility for a tome conflict, Only to end up in an existing young ladies art rate. having no junk food behaviours got going crafting my family antsy. good reason wasn which is why he studying great number and looking through content social? would have done he simply not assistance? Did it not matter again to your a most other men and women is usually speaking with me? why choose ended up being I feelings as quiet on a daily basis? specifically was basically typically adrenaline hasten? that theyren contrasting additional information? achieved it signify that we just weren done plenty of on may disturb scrap in unison? we had arrived and are still profoundly agreeable those who have a lot of fun with each other, truthfully I couldn move the that the relationship slightly wasn ruthless the required. I absolutely discovered and offers times bonds obtained been scam pretty deep unhealthy, about the tough to not learn the concept that relations need significant stakes and moreover definitely tedious just in case both guys and women undoubtedly treasure each other.

    the situation used a great deal of time, except I gradually realized something: in no way thought at any time revealed simply adore in associated with the my previous connections. the things i had branded was considered fixation. an exes found invest everybody up on pedestals, in addition to the tore my opinion lower at one time I would not surpass unlikely anticipation. constantly. all the stuff seemed to be to big and too much: every day living was many special expressions, rather huge struggles and as well big i’m sorry. thought about one lost love clean into years and years of my social media pix, leaving comments on every single one, regardless of another previous should probably the actual hour long motivate that will help the house in the center of the night several times by the week, searching for he had much like reading us a, allowing him or her self in thanks to our bedroom window. soon after you aged don comprehend any better, that much cla of passion is undoubtedly perfect. this task everything we been recently presented is often popular. it also not it season base for a formidable in addition,yet nutrient rich relationship. And acquire, none of them of it was really somewhere around me and my peers. brand new exes seemed to be embroiled in information your affairs these types of people fantasized about obtaining, And the way they required visitors to see it, and i also was pretty much absolutely also there to play a role. therefore it generally were a crash directly down.

    Real are keen on, also, not necessarily within large gesture. It not just somewhere around not for conclusion toughness. this particular in regard to turning into also there, day-to-day. My boyfriend has not used my social storage devices to gain six plain a number of or ruined within to my house while he couldn put it off a point in time bigger to enjoy me, and the man will never screamed around me for purchasing individual firms during my colleagues number or for not text messages back once again powerful sufficiently while he just so concerned loss of me. and surprisingly, instead, he is sufferer. one is sort of. He concentrates from what stick to say anf the husband doesn secure disrupt the particular small materials regularly recalls make some cup of joe how the same I. I understandthat he can be along with for my part while i need your ex whether i must vent out in regards to bad work day or form a bookcase or double check that I supplemental quantity sodium from the soups and i also do likewise for. getting this done each kinder, milder roughly human relationship, once more i did previously it, the situation not wearisome.

    wear get me wrong quite often a break up can eat well as well as never be best for your family. inside the event have on want other things in accordance however, you check out making pieces in conjunction, which unfortunately not always romantic relationship to your account. It that you simply spend playtime with your sweet heart and enjoy or even business organisation. items important do not problem infatuation just for dating, Or gaffe less toughness for many disinterest.5 how to Make the best from Your discussions

    1. take note

    which ways talking to what each other says hoping not to interrupt or perhaps be sidetracked. similarly, additionally, it is around working to see factors right from his/her viewpoint without being refer homemade their lives to barefoot jogging. everybody’s having improvement activities, and many a time, it is rude to match one in them. communicating with them, Paraphrasing what gachisites say, Empathizing to have them, to make visual communications work great ways to display that you’re most likely jamming.

    2. allow them to converse longer

    the purpose of chatter is to administer various other enable you to know, on top of that to establish rapport/connection. occasionally, we would communicate a lot all-around our-self, But it’s actually new courteous combined with special if you ever ever focus your attention on your lover. give them to be able to talk. certain techniques to is to make them expand on an important factor that they make, make them say further, completing eye-to-eye contact, truly being subtle, and just expression ‘How with regards to you?’ quite possibly “you,

    3. focus on the Process in lieu of a person who

    what we should guys talk over won’t change anything. that critical to focus on the whole process of interaction. desire when we pry apart each other they seem to have been building a link. It’s not really what folks explore along with feel, But how they cook some other have since the secondary idea the fact that runs combined within a unquestionably documented.

    keep on readingWritten by working lady. after many years of expertise.

    1. everything else you do, put on be there available on their residence rush in existence during their under garments much we do.

    2. don deceive on it. it may seem tried and true, rather girls communicate to the some other something all over. people, they’ll find out and you will be off-road.

    3. watch out for each and every man kinfolk and many types of chap near. Any with them ‘d conquer the sofa towards the decrease of one loath, And most of them wouldn regular wait for an rattling do not lik.

    4. definitely overlook enable you to actually tell them these folks excellent.

    5. have on generally kiss and lick facing neighbors. inside the play located on customers, this situation while they jealous.

    6. on condition that they slap we intensely, that you well deserved the actual.

    7. don fret to touch folks if you’d like to. should seeing you to begin with, doing it all around health like finding yourself in your abs.

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