An e-ticket is nothing more than a reservation in an airline’s computer system, one that advises them you have a ticketed seat confirmed on a particular flight.

How can I book a ticket online?

To book a flight E-Tickets
please select: flight type (one-way, round-trip, or multi-city)
city of departure and arrival
date of travel: …..
number of passengers:….Click on “Search.”
From flights on offer, please choose the desired option and click on “Select.”
Then enter data of all passengers and proceed to payment.

Can I make booking by phone?

Yes, you may book an E-Tickets over phone.
call us to get more cheaper or details. +8801618181313 +8801768232311

What payment methods can I use to pay for my booking?

You can pay for your E-Tickets online via Cash or Bank or Visa & Master card or Mobile Banking.Look at our Bank and Payments page.

May I hold my booking without payment?

Generally, you have up to 12 (twelve) hours to make payment for your booking made on our website. You will be provided with the exact time period for payment for each particular booking, at this period may be less than 12 (twelve) hours. If during the defined time you did not make the full payment, your booking will not be confirmed. Please note that the airline company reserves the right to cancel an unpaid booking at any time, without prior notice, and regardless of previously mentioned payment period.

How can I get the itinerary receipt?

The itinerary receipt with the e-tickets number will be sent to your email address immediately after the ticket has been issued. You can also download an electronic version of the itinerary receipt from the GDS website.

How to buy a ticket for child?

During reservation, please choose the age category of which the child is in order to by a ticket for child: 0–2 years or 2–12 years. Most of the airline companies offer discounts for children’s flight E-Tickets: infants (0–2 years) — normally their discount is 90% of the standard tariff without the extra seat; children (2–12 years) — normally, their discount is 25% of the standard tariff without the extra seat; for minors over 12 years, the E-Tickets are booked under standard fares. During reservation, please make sure you entered the child’s age information accurately. The child’s age on the date of flight must correspond to the selected ticket category. Age of the infant or child must meet age categories (“infant”, “child”), defined by the airline at the date of completion of the trip (end of the flight on the last segment). The children’s tickets must be booked at the same time as the adult’s ones. If a child is going to fly unaccompanied, please let our Customer Care Service know of it before booking the ticket. We will then inform you whether it is possible for the selected flight. In addition, please check with the carrier the list of documents required for the child’s/infant’s flight.

Find Your E-Tickets

Flight Confirmation Number: Last Name: If you are unable to view your Eticket using our Eticket Retrieval program please Contact Us and one of our agents will be happy to assist you. Enter the  Flight Confirmation Number followed by the travelling passengers Last Name and click on the “Submit” button.

How to check the status of a booking?

If you would like to check the status of your ticket, please visit GDS websites

It could be between 3 websites, those are:


1. for flights booked in Amadeus.

2. for flights booked in Galileo & Worldspan.

3. for flights booked in Sabre.

The PNR number is in your itinerary receipt near the Booking Reference field. It consists of letters and numbers — for example, 10TCHJ.And you need passport last name to check an air tickets.

How to read an e ticket:

A – validating carrier
B – means that this document can’t be used to board your flight
C – place and date of issue
D – electronic ticket number
E – passenger name
F – departure airport code
G – arrival airport codes
H – airline code and flight numbers
I – class of service and travel dates

How to save when you buy a ticket?

There are a few of ways to save on flight tickets. First, it is important to understand how fares are calculated and to know the factors that determine the ticket price. Ticket price depends on
1)Fees Ticket price includes a number of fees: Airport fee is charged by the airport, municipal or state authorities. The fee is used for maintenance and construction of terminals, provision of security during take-off and landing, operating of the airport, and additional services. Fuel fee covers airlines’ fuel expenses. Service fee is a tax for the service of ticket purchase charged by the airline at the check-in desk or by the agency selling the E-Tickets.
2)Flight class It depends on the level of comfort you want. You can choose economy, business or first class. The higher the class, the more expensive the ticket.
3)Fare rules There are standard and special fares: Standard fare doesn’t have any limits and offers flexible ways of payment, booking and issuance of ticket. Special fare has some limits, which doesn’t influence the quality of service. It limits the ticket’s expiry date, possibility of refund and changes. That is why these E-Tickets are cheaper.
4)Day of flight Saturday and Sunday flights are usually more expensive than the weekday ones.
5)Seasons Ticket price is also depends on the season. There are so-called high and low seasons – when the consumer demand for tickets to certain destinations increases or decreases. The higher the season, the more expensive the ticket. 6) Exchange rate The currency exchange rate at the moment of purchase may differ from the rate at the moment of ticket search, it can influence the price of flight as well. 7) Competition If there are many competitive offers for certain destinations, the airline companies have to lower the price of flight, and vice versa.

How to save on booking?

Buy the ticket in advance. First the airline companies sell the cheapest seats in order to encourage the sales. So, the earlier you buy the ticket, the cheaper it will be for you. Don’t delay the purchase. Cheap tickets are sold out very quickly. If you are lucky with the “hot” offer, book the ticket without delay. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tickets are usually the cheapest. Weekend and holiday flights are more expensive. Choose the connecting flights. Direct flights are more convenient, but their price is higher than that of the connecting ones. Use the discounts. There are special prices for children, students, teachers, pensioners, tour groups, etc. Tick the “Bonus Card” option if you participate in the airline’s bonus program. Use the detailed search: when you book a ticket do not choose “Exact date” but “+/–3 days”. So you can choose the best price. When you select the flight class, tick the “Any” option. The system can arrange all the classes of travel and offer you the best option.

What you should not forget during purchase of flight ticket?

When you buy a ticket at the special fare, do not forget about the fare conditions. The cheaper the ticket, the stricter the fare conditions: Limited stopover option (a stop during trip for more than 24 hours, except North America, where a stop for more than 4 hours is considered as a stopover; Central America and Panama, where a 6+ hour stop is considered as a stopover): as a rule, it is allowed only with a surcharge. Changes to tickets or E-Tickets are not permitted. Cheap tickets or E-Tickets may be non- or partially refundable.
The only time you might need to print the E-ticket and keep a copy of it (or at least keep the ticket number) is when you have a ticket without reservation (they call it open ticket). … The open tickets are usually expensive than E-Tickets because you have the flexibility to fly on any flight as in the ticket any time.

How can I check my flight ticket?

You can Check-In and print your boarding pass up to 24 hours in advance. To get started simply click on the airlines link below. You will be asked for the passenger’s name and airline confirmation, which can be found on our Booking Confirmation email under the Flight Details section.
To check in with an eticket you only need to provide a valid passport (for international flights) or government issued ID (domestic flights) so the agent can pull up your record in their system. The check-in agent then provides your boarding pass to take to the gate.

What do I need to know when I take a connecting flight?

Before departure, please contact corresponding institutions (embassy/consulate/visa centers of destination/connection countries, and the carrier or transit airports) for the: need of a transit visa (depends on the connection airport); possibility to leave the airport during connection (depends on your visa); need to take the baggage or its automatic transfer to the next flight (depends on the carrier, duration of connection and other factors); provision of hotel and catering by the airline company during long connections; need to check in during each connection or only a single check-in on the first segment of flight. Please note that for technical reasons, some airports are closed during certain hours. In that case, you will need a transit (or other) visa of such country. Please look for such information on the airport’s and airport websites or at embassy/consulate/visa centers of the corresponding countries. The agency provides you the opportunity to get acquitted with the requirements for travel documents, visas issues and medical requirements on your travel route before the booking is placed via the relevant link at the booking page.

Can I change date or itinerary in my booking?

Yes. But please note that: changes in the ticket (date, route, etc.) are possible only in accordance with the fare rules applicable to this ticket, carrier’s rules and this website Terms of Service. Changes may be impossible for some tickets or E-Tickets; for changes, if applicable, additional fee of the carrier and the agency service fee may be charged. For more details, please refer to the fare rules or contact the Customer Care Service.

Can I change or correct my name or sex in my ticket?

Normally, flight ticket can’t be transferred to another person. If the name and sex in your ticket are not identical to the ones in your ID, you may send us a request to correct the details. Please note that even minor corrections of name may be prohibited or allowed for a certain fee depending on the airline’s rules, the agency service fee may also apply.

How can I correct a mistake in my ticket?

Please note that changes in booking may be charged in accordance with the fare rules and policy of the airline and the agency service fee may apply. Before confirmation of booking, please make sure the data are correct: check dates, names, starting points and destinations. If you found a mistake in your booking, please contact our Customer Care Service as soon as possible.collect number from E- tickets.

How much does it cost to make changes in my ticket?

Total charge for ticket change will depend on your ticket details and may include airline change fee, airfare and tax difference and the agency service fee. Please check the amount of the service fee in the Terms of Service or with the Customer Care Service.

How can I use the bonus card from the airline?

During reservation, please enter your miles card number in the corresponding field. If you have already booked the ticket, please contact the airline directly or your travel agents.

Can I select a seat on the plane?

Yes, you can. You may select a seat on plane and save your time on check-in at the airport when you order tickets or E-Tickets. To do that, select the option Buy Seat on Board after you have chosen the flight. Specify a flight segment and a desired seat on the plane map.

Will I have an in-flight meal?

When you book a ticket, you may order and pay for special meal if the airline provides such an option. It will make your flight as comfortable as possible. To order the service, please select the Meal on board option when you are creating an order. Select the meal and a flight segment to which you wish to apply this service. The service price depends on the airline and the flight. Upon payment, an electronic miscellaneous document will be emailed at the address which you specified in customer information. If the service is unavailable on the site or you wish to select it after submitting the order, please contact our Customer Care Service.

How to find baggage allowance?

You may find your baggage allowance in the itinerary receipt. The signs are based on two concepts of baggage transportation: weight and piece. 1. Weight concept is about weight limitation. In itinerary receipt, it is marked with the signs “K” and “KG.” The figure (0, 10, 20, etc.) shows the number of kilos which passenger may take with him/her free. The weight of baggage may be distributed among several bags provided they don’t exceed the dimensions established by the airline company. 2. Piece concept is about limit for the number of baggage pieces. To this effect, baggage is registered per piece. In itinerary receipt, it is marked with the signs “N,” “PC,” and “P.” The figure (0, 01, 1, 2, etc.) shows the number of standard baggage pieces for for the selected flight. The weight of an item is established by airline company. If there is, for example, “20K” in the “Baggage” field of your itinerary receipt, you may take baggage of no more than 20 kilos only. If you see the “2N” sign, you may take two pieces of baggage free.Free baggage allowance depends on the destination of flight and the class of service. Free baggage allowance applies to all passengers, except children under 2 years of age, and in most cases is as follows: 20 kg for economy class; 30 kg for business class; 40 kg for the first class. In case you exceed the free baggage allowance the payment may apply. Please contact an airline company to find out the amount of the payment for the excess baggage.

Travel with animals:

You may transport animals in the aircraft cabin only after prior confirmation with the airline. Please note that most airlines allow carriage of cats and dogs. You should check the requirement for carriage of other animals with our Customer Care Service or make an unpaid booking and send the request for carriage of animals to support@airwaysoffice.comwith a detailed description of what animal you need to transport (species of animal, its weight and size of cage) Once we have received a reply from the airline, one of our Customer Care Service agents will contact you and inform you on the costs of transporting animals. If you accept the costs of transportation, you will need to pay for the booking and the fee for the animal carriage. Please note! When you check in at the airport, you must submit all the documents for animals required by veterinary service of the country of destination or transit and/or the carrier. To define the list of documents, please contact the corresponding consulate and/or the carrier.

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