Visit to Pakistan from UK

My Visit to Pakistan from UK, Places Visited and Tips for 1st Time Travelers

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Well, to be brutally honest, travelling has been my craze since early childhood. I have been travelling around the world for quite a long time and one day decided to visit Pakistan. Though, it was not appreciated by most of the people in my life (including my family members and boyfriend). If my memory serves me correctly, I remember someone said “Pakistan, have you gone bananas?” That was truly a demoralizing stuff. No two ways about it. But who would have thought that it was going to be one of the memorable experiences I ever had.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Tips for the first time travelers backpacking to Pakistan

Paying a visit to any country for the first time can be a challenging task. In order to keep safe against the mishaps and any danger, just give these tips a look-see and enjoy your trip to Pakistan for the first time at the fullest.

What to pack?

Well, packing your rucksack is bit tricky. You might have lend your ears to a Spanish proverb “On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy”. Just make sure to put this proverb into practice. Keeping just enough stuff on you would be a silver bullet in this case. But, take some necessary shots before packing your bag. Just phone your doctor up and tell them about the span of your stay in Pakistan. Also, ask for the medications (against the common diseases like Malaria, Diarrhoea etc.), if any. It would be fructiferous to pack your clothes, shoes, sunglasses, medicines (if you are on any), camera, a detailed map of the areas you are going to pay a call to, flashlight, sunblock cream or lotion, charger and power bank, your documents and credit cards etc. Almost everything is easily available in Pakistan, so just pack less to lessen your burden as much as possible and being easy throughout your stay in Pakistan.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Be that as it may, nothing is to worry about the excess luggage. These days, there are bunches of Cargo Companies like this which provide the services of sending cargo to Pakistan from the UK at affordable rates.

Book a hotel in advance with good ratings

Finding a safe as houses accommodation in Pakistan is back-breaking. If you are not on budget, you won’t encounter any difficulty regarding accommodation as there are a handful of hotels around every city. But if you are on budget, it is recommended to go for budget hostels. And that’d be a magic bullet if you are gregarious and outgoing person. Well, this would get you a chance to catch up people from around the globe as most of the tourists opt for budget hostels while backpacking.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Almost all the cities in Pakistan are filled with a bunch of backpacker’s hostels so it won’t do your head in. Be that as it may, just giving all the reviews about a specific hostel a once over with a fine tooth comb would hit the nail on the head.

Enjoy the train journey which is chaotic and amusing

Getting around Pakistan is super easy. That said, you can find buses, trains, flights, rickshaws and taxis. That being the case, the public transport can easily fit into your needs. If you fix your gaze at enjoying the journey in the best way, trains are the bee’s knees for you. Yes, taking the services of train (usually for the longer journey) would be multum in parvo. For shorter distances, catching up taxis and autos would be the best option (As it would save your time and cost).

Visit to Pakistan from UK

However, always ask for the fares and negotiate the prices as much as possible (As taxi and auto drivers tend to make a few more bucks if they found you a foreigner). Before getting into taxis or autos, make an estimate of the distance you are going to cover with the help of map and then bargain for the fairs(It might seem a bit weird to you, but it help you a great deal).

Be ready to muddle through stalking

Alright, I’ll get onto it. People do stare in Pakistan. Well, the truth hurts.Consider applying the proverb “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This way, you will get appreciated by the locals or otherwise get ready to receive a hell lot of stare.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

In case you are a female backpacker visiting Pakistan for the first time, place a scarf over your head and chest especially while visiting Mosques, shrines and other holy places. Also, taking off your shoes before getting into these places is mandatory.

Capture the moments to make them everlasting

You are visiting a beautiful country with stinking rich culture so why not arrest all the places and moments you are going to spend there in your camera? So, keep a nice and enthusiastic camera so that you can become a story teller after coming back to the home.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Be uncompromising about your belongings

Well, that’s the factor needing huge attention.You need to keep a close weather on all of your belongings throughout your stay in Pakistan. Wouldn’t you do that if you are even outside your home in your country? With that, make photocopies of your valuable documents and keep them on you all the time while you are moving around Pakistan so that in case you lose them, you’d be able to find the originals. Never trust anyone who you don’t know well.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Go with the flow

Yes, you heard it right. Travelling around Pakistan is super exciting. It’s possible that things don’t go your way all the time. Therefore, be ready to face any situation. The best way to get yourself through the day is just enjoying the moment and forget everything else. People of Pakistan are super hospitable.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

They’ll ask your name and where you are heading to (That’s not gross, it’s just their way of showing care and hospitality). So, just passing a smile if you are not comfortable with anything offered by them will get the job done.

Must see places in Pakistan if you are setting up the places on your bucket list

Shangrila Resort, Skardu

Also called as the “Heaven on Earth”, Shangrila Resort is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on while backpacking around Pakistan.You will be leaving a piece of your heart right after your first visit. That’s a given.

Located on the doorsteps of a bunch of highest peaks of the world, Shangrila Resort has been in limelight from the decades and it receives a hell lot number of tourists each year.Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Shangrila Resort is one of the magical places to hang your hat in. Alright, let me breath.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

This place has got some serious beauty and what puts cherry on the top is its location. Yes, the whereabouts of this place are just hypnotizing. Surrounded by a plenty of fruit laden orchards and flower filled gardens, this place offers benefits for the tourists more than one can shake a stick at.In the heart of this mind-boggling Resort, a lake named “Kachura Lake” can be spotted which adds to its beauty further. Another eye catching point in this Resort is a restaurant build on the fuselage of an aircraft crashed nearby. Alright, whoa! Words can’t describe the magic which Shangrila Resort possess in the air. So, just go and see yourself what I missed.

Attabad Lake, Hunza

The next place on your bucket list must be Attabad Lake. Commonly known as Hunza Lake, Attabad Lake is another very popular destination located in Hunza Valley. Well, the AttabadLakecame into being as a result of the land sliding in January 2010. However, as time has gone by, this spot became the major tourist attraction. Also, it is listed amongst one of the biggest artificially created Lakes of Pakistan. And that’s just icing on the cake.

Visit to Pakistan from UKEach year, a thumping great number of tourists visit this lake to see this appealing wonder of Mother Nature.Attabad Lake stands out from the crowd when we talk about the most scenic Lakes of the world. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Kalash Valley, Chitral

Before everything, let me tell you something interesting about this place and that’s you can witness pristine pure remote life in this valley. It looks people of Kalash valley are still attached to the culture and traditions practiced by their forebears. True blue culture, traditional dress, dancing, whoa! Kalash people are just careless of the advancements made in the areas nearby. That’s how things are working for them. They just live the life in their own way. In spite of all this, they are super friendly people. Very much hospitable.

Situated in the Chitral District, this place is full of picturesque places, lush green forests, stinking rich culture, a bunch of pristine pure Lakes, just amazing.It is not the matter of years or seasons, the Kalash women use to wear adorned and highly embellished dresses which depict their tradition and it is one of the most exciting surprise for the first time traveler. The beautiful designed cap which adds fuel to fire in the beauty of dresses, really captivated me all in all.

Visit to Pakistan from UK

Next enclosed surprise was the frankness and love of the native people. They just treat every traveler as their nearer and dearer relative. They will offer a cup of tea, their traditional food and will give a piece of handicraft as a gift. If you are a female traveler, you must try the traditional local dress at least for a while and you will feel cherished and beautiful. No two ways about it. Vola!


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