Top Places in Cyprus

Cyprus is renowned for its beaches and rightly so. There are many historical attraction and cultural places, which include beautiful village, churches and monasteries found in various places. It has also a delightful place to go hiking, with an incredible wealth of unique flora and fauna. There have many top places in Cyprus which are too much peaceful places to visit.


Larnaca is one of the oldest charming city in Cyprus. Tourists will love walking the palm tree-lined Foinikoudes promenade separating the beach from the restaurants and shops. Tourists will also find opportunities for wine tasting, walking tours, mini boats, walking nature trails, diving and bird watching in Larnaca.
Top Places in Cyprus

Cape Greco:

Cape Greco is an amazing seaside national park with a variety of walking trails that start just east of the resort of Agia Napa. It is a wonderful blue sea, which is attractive sea in Cyprus. The trails stretch all the way to Cape Greco point which is the most easterly point in the south of Cyprus.
Top Places in Cyprus

Akamas Peninsula:

Akamas Peninsula is placed on the western angle of Cyprus in Paphos. It is one of the most popular places to visit. It is also a wonderful place for seeing wildlife, just some of which can include sea turtles, reptiles and natural birds. Akamas Peninsula is one of the safe areas of the country, so you have to visit this place.
Top Places in Cyprus

Konnos Beach:

It is one of the most beautiful beach in Cyprus. The beach becomes overcrowded. It is nearly difficult to find a place to lay one’s colorful and stylish beach towel. Konnos Beach is very enjoyable and peaceful beach.
Top Places in Cyprus

Ayia Napa:

Ayia Napa is located in the south-eastern region of Cyprus. It is famous for being the world’s second largest clubbing district and party animals alike. Ayia Napa is very striking beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand.
Top Places in Cyprus


For maximum relaxation and nearby beaches, it is tough to beat the beach resort of Protaras. It is another most popular tourist destination in Cyprus. Here you can pick whether to take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean. And also taste a cocktail in the sunshine.
Top Places in Cyprus


No visit to Cyprus is complete without a visit to Paphos. It is the smallest city in Cyprus. Paphos placed on the South West shore of the island. Here you can see most stunning things. On the island it is also one of the most picturesque places.
Top Places in Cyprus

Final Words:

Now we can say that our list of top places in Cyprus will help you have an wonderful holiday in the country. Choose the best ones according to your interest and make a wonderful vacation here. Please contact us: +8801880155577,+8801880155578

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