Top places in Bangladesh, Sundarban

Top Places In Bangladesh

Bangladesh, to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal, is a South Asian country marked by lush greenery and lots of waterways. The country , formally the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. Bangladesh is a country with abundant nature, from beaches to forests and waterfalls, as well as rich culture and history. Countries wherever each the sea and also the mountains there. There are thousands of natural attractions. Do not miss to go to Bangladesh. Here are a summary of top Places In Bangladesh which is able to bring you nearer to the spirit of this beautiful vacation destination.

1.Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest sea beach that’s also known as the capital of tourism in Bangladesh. It is the top places in Bangladesh for tourist destination.  It’s a town on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. It’s known for its very long, sandy beachfront, stretching from sea Beach within the north to Kolatoli Beach in the south. Over many years it has been an attraction to both international and domestic tourists. Opportunities of bathing and swimming in  warm water makes Cox’s Bazar a top tourist attraction. Besides, opportunities of lazy sunbaths on the private beaches of famous five star hotels also are alluring. During evening it provides unique chance to look at the sweetness of sunset behind the waves.  This is often more than you’ll expect from a traditional tourist spot.

Top places in Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar

2. Saint Martin :

Saint Martin’s Islandis one best Eco-Tourism Destinations and also the only coral island in Bangladesh. It’s the most stunning island that also known as the marine paradise of Bangladesh. Once you are done with partying in Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s Island is that the right place to calm down your soul. This island has the most wonderful blue water. The air is fresh and soothing. And also the water is clearer than crystal. During any moony night in St. Martin’s Island, you will find yourself deciding to stay in this island forever. And sea-foods here aren’t only delicious, however also abundant in variation.

top places in Bangladesh, Saint Martin

3.Teknaf Sea Beach :

Teknaf Sea Beach or Teknaf peninsula is one of the longest  sandy beach tourist destinations in the world. It is an intermediary ground for the wildlife of the Indo-Himalayan and Indo-Malayan environmental sub-regions. The peninsula includes mangrove, beaches and sand dunes, mudflats, canals and lagoons and marine habitat. When you are in there  then visit the Badhya-bhumi at Natyangpara,Teknaf Bada Mosque, Aliyabad Jami Mosque, Teknaf Vishnu Mandir, Teknaf Buddha vihara and Chowdhuripara Buddha vihara.

Top places in Bangladesh, Teknaf Sea Beach

4.Nilgiri, Bandorban:

Nilgiri is the most wonderful and highest hill resort of beautiful Bangladesh with astonishing natural beauty. It’s a nice place for campfire in rainy season. most attractive time of the day is that the dawn. It’s better to stay during 7-18 dates of a lunar month to get pleasure from the moonlit night. You’ll also get pleasure from the artful course of Sangu river. Niligiri is managed by Army brigade of Bandarban. There’s beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintain by the Bangladesh Army. You have to confirm the reservation through officer.Visitor will hire a personal vehicle from Bandarban sadar otherwise you will go there by Thanci bound bus or jeep. On the way to Nilgiri traveler need to register his name and address to the military check post.

Top places in Bangladesh, Nilgiri, Bandorban

5. Sundarban :

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world and one of the simplest tourism in Bangladesh. That is a mist-masked, river-riddled slough region of changing tides, human-eating tigers and secluded adventure. It has a  national park and it is one of the heritage site in it. Sundarbans national park is a home to the powerful Royal Bengal Tigers. It’s one of the most attractive and alluring places remaining on earth, a really undiscovered paradise for anyone. The national park is one of the popular visiting place for the visitors. This is often really wild landscape and chug-chugging on its river waterway into its marshy heart of darkness is as breathtaking because it is serene.

Top places in Bangladesh, Sundarban

6.Sonargaon, Dhaka:

Sonargaon is the Oldest Capital of Bangladesh. This is often one in all the best Bangladesh touristry place. Primarily for the those that prefer to visit historic significances of the place. It lived several historic periods beneath the govt. of Sultanates and empires. Eventually when, British took the management of it and it lost its significance. But it a lot of developed with neighborhood settled named Panam city. A lot of of Hindu and Mughals era building ruined and much of them went but some have survived and still living. So it gets abundant significance on the topic of Bangladesh tourism.

Top places in Bangladesh, Sonargaon

7.Sylhet :

Sylhet is a town in eastern People’s Republic of Bangladesh, on the Surma river. Sylhet Tea Gardens, lush green tropical forests and crisscross by varied rivers. Hill destination Sylhet could be a special traveller Destination in Asian country. Presently a major pilgrim’s journey site about to Dargah Gate. Ratargul Swamp Forest is one in every of the foremost lovely place. And most engaging place in sylhet. Bisnakandi. A long journey by an engine boat on the attractive Piyain river will take you to the attractive destination . A boat ride on the river also can lead you to Panthumai. The top attractions here ar the Borhill waterfall.

Top places in Bangladesh, Sylhet


Kuakata is a city known for its panoramic sea beach. It’s in southeastern Bangladesh . It is that the range two tourist destination within the country. The sea beach is a white sandy beach also called “Sagar Kannya” or “Daughter of the Sea”. It’s one of the exceptional places to see the panoramic view of each sunrise and sunset from a similar position. There are some good places such as: Rakhain Polly, Fatrar Chor, Rash Mela, Shima Buddhu Bihar, Shutki Polli that are most enjoyable for any tourist.

Top places in Bangladesh, Kuakata

9.Bagerhat :

Bagerhat district is a district in South-western Bangladesh. It’s an area of the Khulna Division. The main types of tourist attractions here are landmarks and nature attractions. An amazing open-air museum of medieval architectural heritage . The city is full of beautiful mosques. The Sixty Domes mosque or Shat Gambuj mosque is famous mosque. Khan Jahan Ali’s tomb is the famous tombs. The town, regarding 4 km from the most sights, lacks decent hotels and restaurants. So it’s sensible to go to Bagerhat as every day trip from Khulna, that is a short bus ride away.

Top places in Bangladesh, Bagerhat

10.Puthia :

Puthiais an Upazila  in the Division of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The Puthia Raj family created by the Mughals in the early seventeenth century and is one of the oldest feudal estates of Bengal. It’s the biggest number of historic temples in Bangladesh. The temples  laid out around a lake with a sprawling lawn. The temples  were created by Hindu Zamindars Rajas of the Puthia . Royal family estate was the second largest zamindary and also the wealthiest in British Bengal. It migrated to India shortly afterwards.

Top places in Bangladesh, Puthia

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