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Maldivian Airlines Baggage Information

Maldivian Airlines Baggage Information Details of Maldivian Airlines Baggage Information .Free Baggage Allowance:DestinationFree Baggage AllowanceExcess RateHanimaadhoo20 kgMVR 12.00Dharavandhoo20 kgMVR 7.00Kadhdhoo20 kgMVR 12.00Thimarafushi20 kgMVR 12.00Ifuru20 kgMVR 10.00Kooddoo20 kgMVR 16.00Kaadedhdhoo20 kgMVR 16.00Gan20 kgMVR 20.00Fuvahmulah20 kgMVR 19.00Trivandrum20 kgUSD 2.20Chennai30 kgUSD 4.50Dhaka30 kgUSD 10.00Carry-on Baggage AllowanceDash 08 Aircrafts  5kgAirbus 320/321 Aircraft7kg To ensure safety for passengers Maldivian Airlines prohibits carrying firearms, liquor, drugs etc. Pornographic literature, idols of worship, certain animal products, explosive and weapons and alcoholic beverages are not allowed into the Maldives.If your checked baggage is damaged or delayed then you must contact to local GHA staff at the baggage claim area before you leave...

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