Top 5 Tourist places in Bangkok

Top 5 Tourist places in Bangkok

Welcome to the city of angels:

Bangkok has always been a major destination for travelers all around the world. Be it, backpackers, shoppers, or families who are just looking out to have a fun time with their friends and  family. There is something in Bangkok for everyone, no matter what. Bangkok is very famous and well-known for its multiple tourist places and the plethora of temples make the city have a mix of both serenity and comfort. So without wasting any more time let’s check out some tourist places in Bangkok.There are Top 5 Tourist places in Bangkok which can visit between four days.

1. The Grand Palace ( Wat Parkway):

Thailand has been ruled by its royal family and king for more than 150 years and the Thai people have a very hearty respect for them. The royal family’s residence, the Grand Palace is also known as Wat Prakway stands out as a significant attraction for tourists all over the world. With its majestic architecture and complicated details engraved, the Grand Palace is a true spectacle to witness. In addition to the glorious architecture, you will also be able to see the Emerald Buddha (Prakway Morakot). The naming of the statue comes from the carving of the statue from a single block of emerald.

2. The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun):

Bangkok is very famous for its multiple Buddhist temples all around the city. However, the one-time location that is a must visit is Wat Arun. Built at the beginning of the 19th century Wat Arun showcases floral patterns that glaze in the night lights. Along with the unraveling architectural beauty, Wat Arun symbolizes the crucial birth of the Rattanakosin period.

3. Khao San Road:

Coming to Bangkok and not visiting Khao San Road would not make your Bangkok trip worthwhile, especially if you are a backpacker. The Khao San Road hosts the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which holds multiple wholesalers and traders selling multiple different products. The availability of multiple merchandises will surely serve all your shopping needs. There are over 8,000 stalls on display with more than 200,000 visitors on a weekend. 

4. Safari World:

When you are done shopping and getting hectic over the huge city buildings and all, you can search for some serenity in Safari World. An open zoo and leisure park, Safari World will give you the opportunity to calm down and enjoy nature. With animals from all over the world, you will be able to indulge in the wilderness of the entire globe by just sitting in one place. If walking and exploring is not your thing, then there is nothing to worry about because Safari World has got you covered with a jungle cruise where you can sit back, relax and take see everything. Safari World has multiple trained animals constantly putting up tricks to attract your attention. You will surely spend a very nice time here.

5. Madame Tussaud Museum:

We all have that one friend who once went to Bangkok and posted a photo with a wax statue of the American president. Going to Bangkok and not visiting the Madame Tussaud Museum will be a major crime. It is a must-do activity. The Madame Tussaud Museum houses a wide variety of different wax statues including 10 zones and over 90 wax figures starting from the President of the United States to Mohammad Ali to Dalai Lama, you can take a snap with them all. It might not seem much, but the way you will emotionally and spiritually lift after a visit to the  Madame Tussaud will be just impeccable.  

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