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Why travel planning should start with a map-There is a famous saying about travelling that says- ” Travelling makes you humble as it reinstates your tiny presence in this vast world.” This cannot be truer.

For people with a travel bug who like to live their lives on the wheels, travelling is a drug. Discovering new places and experiencing new cultures gives them a high like nothing else in the world. Travelling is a kind of meditation for a wandering soul, whose main purpose in life is to discover the undiscovered.

If you are a wanderlust at heart and love travelling above anything else, then the world is your canvas. Modern technology has made it possible for us to reach the far corners of the earth. In the age of satellite technology and the internet, you can discover new places to visit every time.

Many things go hand-in-hand to plan for that perfect trip. Be it your choice of the destination or your mode of travel, you should plan everything perfectly to avoid unforeseen circumstances. A perfect travel itinerary should be your best friend on the go. And the one thing that you should have handy while planning a travel itinerary are maps.

Maps were the only guide for ancient travellers who travelled the seas to discover new territories. However, it is easier for the people of the 21st century to travel with the latest technology in maps- Google maps. While planning for a trip, it is always advised to refer to a map. Be it physical maps or google maps, we will tell you why all your travel plans should start with a map-

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1) You have access to the whole world-

If you are looking for that perfect vacation, keeping a map handy will help you make your decision. Once you see the world map, you may realise that there are so many places to visit in the world. Having a map with you will open up a world of options, literally. Some names may not come to your mind at the right moment but having a map will ensure that you choose the perfect destination for your next travel.

2) Maps will help you plan a perfect itinerary-

Maps have almost all the information regarding the physical features of a place. If you have a basic knowledge of map reading, you will be able to gauge the physical terrain of the place you are planning to visit. This will prove to be a key factor in planning your travel, especially if you are planning a trek or other adventurous sports during your trip.

3) Maps will guide you to the best route-

With modern technology and google maps having a street view of every street in the world, you can easily plan your best route to travel to your destination, which will prove to be both times, as well as money-saving. This is especially required while planning for road trips. Referring to maps before travelling will also help you discover new stopovers on your way.

4) Maps will help you customise your travels-

If you are the one who opts for travelling through tours, this tip will be especially helpful for you. Going through the map of your destination will help you educate yourself about some of the near-by places as well, which may have been excluded by your travel planner. This way, you can customise your travel to include places and make for a memorable trip.

5) Maps help you keep track of places you have visited-

For that unsatisfied travel bug in you whose main aim is to travel the world, maps will help you accomplish this dream. Maps will provide you with information and physical features of all the countries in the world at once. This will make it easier for you to plan your trips. This Scratch off Map Amazon offers will help you keep track of countries you have visited and the countries that should be on your next travel itinerary.

6) Maps will provide you with information regarding off-beaten destinations as well-

Did you know about the Christmas Islands right off the coast of Australia? This island is a stunning beauty that you should definitely explore on your next trip to Australia. You can find such off- beaten destinations on maps before planning for your next trip. Also, the maps are a perfect way to spot isolated islands, if you like to take the path less travelled.

7) Maps help you find the best deals-

Lastly, after finding your next travel destination, your next step should be to book hotels and flights. Online maps provide you with the best deals for your travel and accommodation. You can even refer to physical maps to find out the nearest airport to your destination. This will save you some precious travel time as well.


Maps are a great way to explore the world while sitting right at your desk. They are a great tool and should be the first thing you should refer to while planning a trip. Moreover, maps may also give you a fresh perspective to a destination, even in the one you have already visited. So, make sure you refer to maps before heading to your next destination to make the best of your trip.

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Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.

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