Afghanistan Visa Requirements

Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia. To get another visa related post Click Here.
The nation has a population of 33 million.

Afghanistan Visa Requirements

Embassy of Afghanistan in Dhaka

House No 10, Road No.9, Baridhara,
Gulshan, Dhaka
Tel: (+88) 02 989 5994
Fax: (+88) 02 988 4767
Email: [email protected]

Website: Click Here

Requirement for Afghanistan visa application: (Business visa only)

  1. One completed visa application form.
  2. Two recent passport size photo (size ¾ cm).
  3. Valid Passport, for at least 6 months.
  4. A letter of introduction from your employer stating reason of your trip.
  5. If you are a businessman, copy of trade lisense, MOA, company bank statement may also be required.
  6. A letter of invitation from the organization you are visiting in Afghanistan.
  7. Visa processing fee.
  8. Possibly a short interview.
  9. A short interview may conduct before application decision.
  10. Visa fee: Single entry US $100

Important Information and Regulations:

  1. The Embassy of Afghanistan in Dhaka does not provide tourist visa for Bangladeshi travelers.
  2. It’s strongly suggested to all people to expand their visa before expiry, should they want to remain longer than the allowed length. In case the visa aren’t extended on the expected date, then the holder of this passport is going to be fined US$two for every day during the first month of this delay, US$5 to every day during the next month of this delay (fined can be paid in vents). Along with the good, the holder is going to be deported if the delay is over two weeks.
  3. It’s strongly urge foreign visitors to register with their embassy in Kabul, the native Afghan Police Department along with the Afghan Tourist Organization (evenif the visit is for tourism purposes only) on arrival.
  4. Pictures and Cinematographic Movies can be Obtained after Acquiring Preceding permission in writing by the Tourist Bureau, Press Department, Based on the first floor of the Ministry of Information and Culture Building.
  5. Transport of several rare birds from the nation is prohibited. Visitors need to speak to the Tourist Bureau to acquire export certification that is appropriate and information.
  6. Tourists may export duty free 30 sqm carpets, 10 skins excluding Karakul, cut and polished precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli, handicrafts and a restricted assortment of antiques.
  7. Upon arrival, visitors must declare all foreign currency (in case the sum exceeds 1million AFS or its equal value) they take. Please inquire for ‘Ansari Application Form’ in the airport.

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