Bahrain Visa Requirements

Bahrain, a nation comprising more than 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf, has been at the middle of big trade routes since antiquity.

Bahrain Visa Requirements

 In the Dilmun culture that thrived in the area for millennia, the Bahrain National Museum showcases artifacts Manama, in its capital. Wares which range from spices and handwoven fabrics to pearls are offered by the city Bab bazaar.

Assistance regarding Visa application process:

Visa Assistant Manager: Shafiuddin Ahmed (Tuhin)

Mobile: (+88) 01678569293 , (+88) 01678569296


Bahrain Visa Application Form

Bahrain Visa Requirements

E-visa has been introduced by Bahrain. But, ‘normal’ Bangladeshi passport holders aren’t eligible to apply independently for e-visa. You should have. Contact one of the following for help:

  1. A sponsorship from a Bahrain company.
  2. A sponsorship from a Bahrain citizen.
  3. An airline ticket.
  4. The name of the hotel where you plan to stay.
  5. A travel agent from Bahrain.

Click here for E-visa

instructions for obtaining an e-Visa

There are three steps to obtaining an e-Visa through this website:

  1. Apply by pressing the “Apply for e-Visa” button and fill out the simply designed form. Also, take note of the application reference number.
  2. If you need more applications to be filled then fill them out by pressing the “Submit another application” button.
  3. Use your credit or the debit card to pay the bills.
  4. Check the application once again to check if you have made any mistakes and then submit it. Generally the applications take 3-5 days to get approved.

You can print a copy of the approval to carry with you when you travel. (This step is optional).

If your application is not approved, you will need to contact NPRA or the nearest Bahrain embassy.


Contact one of these organizations if you need a sponsored visa for Bahrain:


Diplomat Radisson SAS Hotel
Tel: +973 1752 5251 – 5253 Email:
Fax: +973 1753 3870 Web:

Gulf Hotel
Tel: +973 1771 3000 Email:
Fax: +973 1771 3040 Web:

Regency Intercontinental Hotel
Tel: +973 1722 7777 Email:
Fax: +973 1722 9929 Web:

Crowne Plaza Bahrain
Tel: +973 1753 1122 Email:
Fax: +973 1753 0154 Web:

Mercure Grand Hotel Seef
Tel: +973 1758 4400 Email:
Fax: +973 1758 4401 Web:

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel
Tel: +973 1753 3533 Email:
Fax: +973 1753 4069 Web:

Elite Seef Residence, Elite Grande Hotel, Elite Resort & Spa, Elite Suites Hotel
Tel: +973 1755 8200 Email:
Fax: +973 1755 8229 Web:

Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain
Tel: +973 1756 9333 Email:
Fax: +973 1756 9338 Web:

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa
Tel: +973 1758 6868 Email:
Fax: +973 17558 0948 Web:

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre
Tel: +973 1717 1111 Email:
Fax: +973 1717 1555 Web:

Travel Agencies
Al Gosaibi Travel
Tel: +973 1721 2333 Email:
Fax: +973 1721 5501 Web:

For any Countries visa assist query please call at (+88) 01678569293

For others visa queries click here

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