China Visa Requirements For Bangladeshi | China Visa Form Bangladesh

China Visa Requirements

China is a populous nation in East Asia whose vast landscape encompasses grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers and over 14,000km of coastline. Capital Beijing mixes historic websites like Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City palace complex and architecture.

China Visa Requirements

Shanghai is a global center that is skyscraper-studded. East-west runs throughout the north of the country west.

Regarding China Visa Requirements & Application Process:

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Chinese Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Plot 2 & 4, Road No. 3
Block-1, Baridhara
Phone: (+88) 02-882-4862,
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Consular Time: Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

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The citizens of Bangladesh and other countries must obtain a China visa before entry to China, except on arrival passport holder.


The High Commission of China wishes to inform that the Government of China will impose a new rate for visa application fees. The new fees are as follows:


China Visa fee & Processing fee (Per Person)

                2nd time 90 Days Validity, Single Entry Tk.7,500/-

(Previously visited China)

                1st time 90 Days Validity, Single Entry Tk.7,900/-

(Visited 3 Countries Without SAARC Countries)

                1st time 90 Days Validity, Single Entry Tk.8,500/-

(Visited 2 Countries Without SAARC Countries)

                1st time 90 Days Validity, Single Entry Tk.9,000/-

(Visited 1 Countries Without SAARC Countries)

                1st time 90 Days Validity, Single Entry Call For Price

(Visited Only India / SAARC Countries)

                6 Month Validity, Double Entry Tk.9,500/-

                1 Year Validity, Multiple Entry Tk.13,500/-

                2 Year Validity, Multiple Entry Tk.19,500/-

Urgent fees 4000 BDT

China Visa Requirements


  1. Passport with validity min 6 months ( all old passport should be submitted at embassy along with new passport) and 18 months validity passport to get one year validity visa
  2. Two recent photograph 33*48 mm
  3. Passport photocopy 1st and 2nd page along with all old passport
  4. Previous visa photocopy (if any)


  1. Last six months bank statement with original bank’s seal (original and photocopy)
  2. Bank solvency certificate with original bank’s seal ( original and photocopy)
  3. Company name bank account or personal name bank account


  1. Updated trade license with English translate and notary (for Businessman)
  2. Partnership deed or memorandum with English translate and notary for joint venture or limited company (for Businessman)
  3. Company’s two copy blank letterhead pad (for Businessman)
  4. NOC (no objection certificate) original and photocopy (for private job holder)
  5. Two copy visiting card with English letter ( for Business and service holder)
  6. Retired certificate with English translated and notary (for Retd. Gov. Service holder)
  7. Student id card or last paid salary receipt (for students)


  1. Marriage certificate photocopy with original English translated and notary copy (for new couple)
  2. Tin (tax identification number) certificate (Few countries required)
  3. vat
  4. One page cheque with cross line (Few countries required)
  5. Police clearance certificate (Few countries required)
  6. NID (national identification ) photocopy or birth certificate photocopy for minor
  • Processing Time: Total approximate time is 7 to 9  working days (Depend on Embassy decision)Our consultancy services include:Studying Your Background & Travel HistoryCreating checklist based on profile meritPreparing best visa approachIdentifying loop hole and eliminating those 

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Disclaimer: Before your payments contact us via email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp at (+88) 01978569293) , Airways Office only provide Visa logistics support with your documents. Visa grant is the distinct decision of embassy or consulate of the respective countries.

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