Ecuador Visa Requirements

Ecuador is a country straddling the equator on the west shore of South America. Its landscape surrounds the Islands highlands as well as Amazon jungle. From the foothills at an altitude of 2,850m, the capital, Quito, is famous for its colonial centre that was intact, together with decorated 16th- and also 17th-century temples and spiritual websites, such as the ornate Church.

Bangladeshi citizens need a visa to see Ecuador. Its better to consult the state Consulate, since there’s not any Embassy or Consulate division of Ecuador at Dhaka. You can check our another Visa related post.

Ecuador Visa Requirements

Embassy of Ecuador in India

B9 / 1A, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-110057
Phone: (+91) 11 2615 2269
Fax: (+91) 11 4601 1804
E-mail: [email protected]

Documents required for 12-X category visa:

Personal Appearance is mandatory in time of submitting documents.

  1. Visa Application form should be completed and signed
  2. Request letter for the Consul Section stating the purpose.
  3. Passport valid for six weeks and also to justify their stay at the nation governs the entry of the procedure.
  4. The applicant should demonstrate financial solvency through bank statements, bank statements or credit card bills from the applicant to get a visa to keep in the nation. The capital shall be equivalent to a living wage for every month of permanence.
  5. The applicant should submit an invitation correspondence, financial assurance and SRI certification by the man who invites needs to be in original duly notarized from Ecuador in favor of the applicant.
  6. Three recent photos in color, passport size, and white backdrop.

Further documents may be asked at the time of process.

VISA VALID FOR: 3 months.

CONSULAR FEES: Application for visa: USD 30.00 + Visa: USD 30. 00 (Total USD 60.00)

Ecuador visa from Bangladesh

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